Roles and Responsibilities

With the issuance of the Department of Health (DOH) Department Order No. 72, s. 1994 (February 17, 1994) redirecting the roles and responsibilities of the sanitarium to be not only a lead agency in the National Leprosy Control Program but also to provide emergency, in-patient and out-patient treatment for non-leprosy cases from the general populace in its immediate catchment areas, Eversley became a secondary hospital in 2002. It serves more than 3,00 in-patients and almost 20,000 out-patients a year aside from custodial care of about 150 leprosy patients. It also offers other services including medicine, surgery, paediatrics, obstetrics and gynecology.

Department Order No. 375-5 dated July 26, 1994, or the Sanitaria Conversion and Development, amended DO No. 72 s. 1994, expanding further the legal mandate. Because of this the Department of Health (DOH) underwent a series of Succession Plans (Dec. 1994, Dec. 1997, Aug. 1999), and proposed the  Sanitaria Conversion Plan as part of the DOH Hospital Upgrading Plan, Furthermore, to improve compliance to Multi-Drug Therapy (MDT), AO No. 2-A dated January 30, 1998, was issued to shorten the duration of treatment of eligible PB and MB leprosy cases.