Eversley Childs Sanitarium is licensed as a secondary general Hospital with authorized capacity of 500-beds. It is special government hospital in Barangay Jagobiao, Mandaue City mandated to administer care and treatment of Hansens cases. It is also directed to provide basic health services to non-hansens cases. It serves mainly Reg. 7, 8, 10 for leprosy control activities and the only DOH retained hospital of North Cebu.
As a General Hospital
• Provide for emergency out-patient and in-patient treatment/care for the general population in it's immediate catchment area. It shall upgrade its' Emergency Room, shall provide for Out-Patient Department and convert existing buildings as wards to accommodate in-patients for general service care.
• Make available the five major service departments namely: Medical, Surgical, OB-Gyne, Family Medicine, Pediatrics and Communicable.
As a Sanitarium
• Responsible for the training of health workers in the respective catchment areas regarding updates, trainings, re-training in Leprosy Control Program.
• Integrate the Multi-Drug Therapy services fully with the existing general health care servies.
• Serve as a referral center for the management of complications, patient and family counseling and community education.
• Conduct community dialogues about leprosy with the National Leprosy Control Program.



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